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Font Pairing

Below are some classic font pairing samples that can be used to create your next type project.
Remember the rule contrast not conflict when choosing fonts to use together and to keep it simple. Try and use no more than two font families and use different weights and sizes to create interest and hierarchy.

Is Print Dead?

  • Is print dead? Do people print anything anymore? Of course they do. Print materials and professional graphic design are as relevant as ever.
  • We still hand out business cards and use them as a valuable, tactile tool to introduce our business and ourselves. They contain valuable information, our web address and name and maybe a scan code. Having them created by a professional graphic designer can make a big difference.
  • Printing has come a long way over the past 20 years. There are great printers available to print your own material and very affordable online businesses that are reliable and fast and produce good quality materials.
  • As a trained graphic designer I like to work on traditional print projects from start to finish. A successful print job always starts with a good relationship between the designer and the printer. In order to avoid all those technical issues that may ruin a job, I get the necessary information from the horse’s mouth before I place any work order on behalf of my clients.
  • Choosing fonts, colour schemes, layout formats, placing images, these are all part of the job. After discussing the technical needs of the job, I discuss the theme, create a storyboard and present it to the client for feedback and changes. This process can go back and forth a few times depending on the scope of the job and once the finished product is created I will look after the printing process or provide the client with the completed file.

What is your design style?

  • Colour has meaning, the ones you choose and the intensity of them will send a message, how do you know if it is the right message?
  • The style of your chosen typefaces should reflect the style of your business, bigger and brighter isn't always better.
  • Your logo should be recognisable, scalable and work both in colour and in black and white.

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